Abstract Communications and Posters


Relevant information for the people who present communications and / or poster:


Deadline for submission of proposals for communications and poster for evaluation, via email: comunicacions@educarenxarxa.cat

September 18 (2017)

Information to the authors of the acceptance or non-acceptance of the communication or poster: September 28 (2017)

Languages ​​in which posters and communications can be presented: Catalan, Spanish, Aran language and English.



The abstract must have a maximum of 500 words, with Times New Roman, 12.

At the beginning or at the end the e-mail of the author or one of the authors must be included.

It must contain a title (this must be concise and reflect the work that is presented).

The name of the authors.

A brief introduction in which the authors have to present the theoretical and / or empirical framework on which the contribution they present is based.

The objectives and methodology.

It must also include the main results, a final section of conclusions and the bibliography written in APA format.

It should also be indicated, whether it is a finished or an ongoing work.



For the presentation of posters, the template and the accompanying format criteria must be used.


(Must be included) the EDUCATE IN NETWORK (Educar en Xarxa) and IEI logos (download)

The dimensions of the posters have to be of a maximum of 120 cm (vertical) by 80 cm (horizontal) that allows a clear reading to a meter and a half (1.5 m) of distance.

Printing on paper, card stock or photo paper. The material used will not have to be excessively thick or heavy, in order to ensure its attachment to the panel.

The author must send a digital version of the poster in JPEG or PDF format through the platform of the congress, before September 18th for approval.



On the first day of the Congress participants with posters should be in charge of finding the place that corresponds to them and that will be indicated in the place that will have enabled.

The posters will be exposed during all the days of the Congress.

Authors will have a quarter of an hour to explain their papers. It is not necessary to have the text written in a formed article, although they do have to provide the person coordinating the group where they present the communication with a broad text of 2-3 leaves that extends the previous summary and shows the content to be presented.